Props & Signs

Here comes the Bride - then after that the real party starts !!!
We have 14 double sided signs for your wedding guests to use to cut loose and enjoy their time in the BOOTH.












Word Cutouts 

Guests love this new collection! Let your guests express their feeling loudly with words. This elegant minimalist take will become a favorite for your event.
What you see is what you get… Set of 5 word cutouts.





Comes standard for all our Weddings. This Elegant and simple prop set will create smiles and fun all while maintaining class, What you see is what you get...20 Pcs 





Once the party gets started......  We break out our amazing hat rack full of ridiculous and silly Hats for all occasions!!! 




After the party has started and the Music in thumping  we break out the "LETS GET CRAZY!!" Props and turn it up a notch when these are paired with the HAT RACK & DOUBLE SIDED SIGNS  the fun gets out of control!!!!! 

props mary vary from time to time, as they break and or we find new and even crazier ones to set up